Welcome to Fancy Politics.  My name is William Howard Taft, and my mustache weighs a metric ton.  

You probably know me as the portliest President, the heftiest Head of State, the Commander-in-Chief no cummerbund could contain.  And it’s true, I love a good cheesesteak.  But I also love a good t-shirt, and that’s why I started this fancy ass website.  

We make the softest and most comfortablest t-shirts on the planet (made right here in California) and you know what else?  One dollar from each shirt purchase goes to our buddies at headcount.org to help with new voter registration efforts.

So buy a shirt, ruffle some feathers, start a conversation.  Fancy Politics – we push the buttons, you pull the levers.

Your favorite boisterous, out-of-control t-shirt tycoon,
W. H. Taft